A shed permit is required for properties within the City of Rockville fixing or putting up a new shed.

  • Don’t start work without an approved permit. A violation could result in a code enforcement violation with a penalty fee.
  • Add details to the description including height, material, square footage, etc.
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Permits and Inspections
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8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

 Permit Process


Review the Guidelines

Review the design guidelines before submitting the permit application.

Gather Additional Documentation

Additional resources are required with the permit application.

You will need:  
  1. Three copies of the property plot plan with the shed drawn on it to scale including the dimensions and the setbacks to the property line.  One copy including the same information if submitting electronically.
  2. Three copies of to-scale design drawings that include dimensions and setbacks from property lines plus, the proposed height of the shed shown on the front elevation drawings. One copy if submitting electronically.
  3. Written approval from Homeowners Association, if applicable.
  4. Roadside Tree Affidavit
  5. Letter from owner authorizing contractor to apply for permit.

Plot plan copies can be purchased by  visiting Maryland Land Records

Complete Permit Application

Complete the permit application and submit the application, additional materials and permit fee at:

 City Hall, second floor
 111 Maryland Ave.
 Rockville, MD 20850 

Apply Online

 Permit Fees

New Construction$.22 per square foot$.24 per square foot
Alteration$.18 per square foot$.24 per square foot


Schedule an Inspection

After construction, schedule an inspection to ensure safety and code standards.

To schedule an inspection, call our 24-hour Voice Permits™ IVR System at 240-314-5040. Have your site-specific permit number and inspection code ready.