Background Information for Rockville 2040

Read the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan

Find the current Comprehensive Master Plan and its related policy documents that will be updated through the Rockville 2040 process.

Maryland State Law on Comprehensive Plans

The Rockville Comprehensive Plan is required to comply with the State of Maryland Land Use Article. To learn about the law regarding comprehensive planning, read the Article on LexisNexis. (Note: When this link first opens, click "Agree" and expand the plus symbol next to "Land Use", then "Division I", then "Title 3" and read any of the sections under Subtitle 1-3) 

Additional guidance on the preparation of master plans is available through the Maryland Department of Planning.

Preparing for the Comprehensive Plan Update

Rockville in the Region

The City is part of the larger capital region and is a member of the Metropolitan Council of Governments (MWCOG). On May 3, 2010, the Mayor and Council voted to endorse the MWCOG plan “Region Forward”. Region Forward: A Comprehensive Guide for Regional Planning and Measuring Progress in the 21st Century, prepared by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, describes common planning challenges and demographic trends and outlines planning goals and objectives for the greater Washington D.C. area.

The Rockville Summits

The Rockville Summits were a two-part, community-oriented initiative to engage residents and business owners in a dialogue about Rockville's future. The first Rockville Summit was held in October 2011 and brought together nearly 200 members of Rockville's residential, business, government and nonprofit communities to begin an ongoing dialogue about the City, the regional economy and Rockville's future. The second Rockville Summit was held in November 2012, when community members from throughout Rockville (including residents and representatives of the business, nonprofit, government and education sectors) reported on a series of working group studies on various key issues in the Rockville community.

Visit the Rockville Summit webpage to learn more about this process.

Background Reports

In preparation for the Comprehensive Plan update, the Planning Department prepared the following background reports to study the state of the city.