Rockshire Village Center Study

The consulting firm Rhodeside & Harwell was hired by the City of Rockville in the spring of 2019 to facilitate a community process and produce a report of findings. The Rockshire Village Center Study Summary Report summarizes the results of two community meetings (held on May 9 and May 30 at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Rockville, 800 Hurley Avenue), as well as a discussion with the property owner's representatives. It then draws conclusions about what use(s) may be acceptable to both the community and the property owners, and makes other observations regarding the site. Written comments provided by community members at the two meetings, and via surveys, are also included in the report.

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Please Note: This report does not reflect staff recommendations. It serves as a resource for the city’s Comprehensive Plan update, currently underway, as to future uses of this site. City staff are very aware of the concerns and hopes of the Rockshire and Fallsmead communities about the now fully vacant site. There will be more opportunities for public input, to the Rockville Planning Commission and to the Mayor and Council, before the Comprehensive Plan is approved and adopted later in 2020.