RedGate is a 131-acre property that operated as a municipal golf course for 45 years.

On June 17, 2019, the Mayor and Council voted to discontinue using the property for golf based on a report by the National Golf Foundation concluding that RedGate could only survive as a viable golf course if significant repairs and renovations, estimated at $3.2 million, were made to the 18-hole course. Even then, according to the report, the course would only be returned to minimally acceptable levels.

On February 3, and then again on March 30, the Mayor and Council discussed the process for determining the future of the RedGate property. They had already decided that all or a large majority of the site will be retained as a park, for passive and potentially active recreational uses. They have also discussed whether a portion of the site should be reserved for special-purpose housing, in particular for a State of Maryland veterans facility, but have made no decision in that regard.

On March 30, the Mayor and Council decided that further discussion of the RedGate planning process should wait until the City has received more information from the State on the proposed housing for veterans, but also until the City has a better understanding of the fiscal impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak and response.

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Next Steps

Once there is further clarity about the veteran’s facility and the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, a meeting will be set with the Mayor and Council to revisit the conversation about hiring a consultant team and the planning process for the property.