Giving and Donations

Rockville is a community of neighbors looking to help in this time of need. We’ve put together some ways for you to give back to the community and help those neighbors in need. 

Want to help local Rockville businesses during a tough time? Here’s how:

  • Order takeout or pickup (and tip a little extra, if you can afford it).
  • Buy gift cards online.
  • Shop at the business’ online store.
  • Leave a positive review.
  • Share information about the business to social media.

Volunteering and Being a Good Neighbor

Many Montgomery County residents, seeing their neighbors and members of the community in distress, are looking to help and volunteer during these difficult times. Learn ways you can help.

Donate a Meal to Volunteer Firefighters

The fire service has a long tradition of preparing meals together but during this emergency they have insufficient time to shop and cook. If you are a restaurant or caterer who would like to prepare meals for out on-duty personnel, please email with your contact information.

Community members interested in donating a meal can easily donate money online, we cannot accept home prepared food at this time. All money donated will be used for meals.

Give to the Rockville Emergency Assistance Program

The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented in how it is affecting your neighbors through financial hardship. If you have the means and would like to partner with the City of Rockville to help your neighbors in need, considering donating to the Rockville Emergency Assistance Program (REAP). 100% of donated funds go to help Rockville families!

If you would like to make a donation via check, please make the check payable to the City of Rockville with "Rockville Emergency Assistance Program (REAP)" in the memo line and address your envelope to:

Community Services
111 Maryland Avenue, 1st Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Give to the Recreation and Parks Fund

Help provide financial assistance to someone who may not be able to afford summer camp or other recreational activities in the coming months due to the loss of a job or other financial hardship. You can contribute online when you register for a recreation program by "Add Up or Add On" on the registration form. Round your payment to next easy denomination, and enter this additional amount on Recreation Fund Donation line. Call 240-314-8620 for more information. Donate online.