Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application

In response to the needs of city dining establishments resulting from the COVID-19 health emergency, the City of Rockville has created an expedited administrative process to review and approve applications for newly created or expanded temporary outdoor dining. Businesses and property owners may submit this permit application to request approval of new or expanded temporary outdoor dining on private property and within city right-of-way.

Processing Fee and Review Time

  • No fee or bonds are required.
  • Complete and eligible applications will receive expedited processing.
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Application Process

After you submit your application online, our team will be in contact.

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Permit Extensions

If your existing permit is expiring soon, you can apply for an extension and our team will process your request.

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Required Permits for Temporary Outdoor Dining

City staff will promptly review all submitted applications.  Upon approval of an application, the city will issue the following permits:

  1. A Temporary Outdoor Dining Area Permit (“TODA”) for temporary outdoor dining located solely on private property;
  2. A Public Works Permit (“PWK”) for temporary outdoor dining located solely within city right-of-way;
  3. A TODA and a PWK for temporary outdoor dining locating on both private property and within city right-of-way, or for temporary outdoor dining located within a public access easement on private property. 

The use of existing, city-approved outdoor seating does not require a TODA or a new PWK.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

  1. An applicant must have an active occupancy permit for a restaurant or establishment that includes carry-out service.
  2. An applicant proposing new use of a rooftop for dining must submit:
    1. building plans substantiating adequate means of egress based on the occupant load and load bearing capacity of the roof assembly, taking into account the use of tables, chairs, awnings, etc.; and
    2. an occupancy permit application.
  3. An applicant proposing any alterations to: (1) mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or fire protection systems; (2) means of egress; or (3) a structure must obtain all necessary permits for such alterations prior to approval of the temporary outdoor dining.
  4. An applicant proposing to serve alcohol within the proposed temporary outdoor dining area must receive approval to do so from the Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services prior to city approval of the temporary outdoor dining.