Reservation Request

To ensure that a healthy environment is maintained with appropriate capacity limits, Croydon Creek Nature Center is operating with limited hours of service and amenities, including important COVID-19 regulations. Advanced reservations are required and only available for City of Rockville residents.

Hours of Service:
• Saturdays and Sundays, 11a.m to 4p.m.

Available Activities:
• Animal viewings with Naturalist interpretation

Let's work together to keep each other safe and healthy. Face coverings over the nose and mouth and physical distancing of 6 feet or more between individuals and households is always required. Frequent hand washing is highly encouraged and hand sanitizer is available throughout the center. Frequent cleaning and sanitizing measures are in place to help protect customers and staff. Interactive displays and exhibits are prohibited and please refrain from touching the animal enclosures and tanks.

How a Reservation Works

Advanced reservation requests are required and only available for City of Rockville residents (check your residency status online). 

• Available online 24/7
• Offer 25 minutes of center visitation
• May be made 96 hours (or 4 days) in advance on a rolling basis
• Require 24-hours of notice before use
• Limited to 1 appointment per day per customer

What does “rolling basis” mean? Rolling basis means that reservations will open continuously 96 hours (or 4 days) in advance. For example, Sunday at 11am, reservations as far out as Thursday at 11am will show in the system. Once all appointments within the 96-hour window are booked, the system will show that no time slot are available. If a reservation is cancelled, that time slot will show in the system for booking with a required 1-hour notice before use. 

Limit to Number of Reservations Per Day. If a customer reserves more than 1 appointment per day, staff may cancel the duplicate reservations to open the space up to other customers.

Non-Rockville Resident. If you are not a City of Rockville resident, your reservation request will not be fulfilled. 

Reservation Cancellations. We kindly ask that you cancel your reservation online at least 12 hours in advance to allow cancelled time slots to open to other customers for booking.

Reservation is only for the person or people named on the request.

Questions? Contact Croydon Creek Nature Center at (240) 314-8770 or

Make a Reservation

Tips for Your Visit

How We Prepare for Your Visit
The health and safety of our visitors is vitally important, especially during the time of COVID-19.  We follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State of Maryland, Montgomery County, and City of Rockville COVID-19 regulations and guidelines to provide you with a safe experience at our community centers. We train staff on important health and safety measures so they can best serve you; require employee temperature checks before each work shift; monitor on-site employees for illness symptoms; practice physical distancing; wear face coverings over our mouths and noses; and frequent hand washing and sanitizing. We also clean and disinfect our facilities with EPA-approved solutions. Let’s work together to make everyone’s health and safety our top priority.   

If Sick, Please Stay Home
Do not come to any City of Rockville property if you are sick with any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, are otherwise instructed to remain at home, or came into contact or share a home with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is exhibiting COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms. COVID-19 symptoms include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.

Let’s Care for Our Animals
The care of the animals who live at Croydon Creek Nature Center is the highest priority to our staff. Our animals rely on us daily to keep them safe and healthy, especially during a pandemic. Currently, no-contact animal viewings with Naturalist interpretation is available. Touch displays and exhibits are prohibited under current COVID-19-related orders which means that all games, puzzles, and other manipulatives have been temporarily removed from the center’s exhibit areas. We kindly ask that visitors refrain from touching animal enclosures and tanks during visits and remain behind stanchions.  

Upon Your Arrival   
• Arrive five (5) minutes before your reservation to allow time for check-in.
• Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival.
• Make sure you have your face covering on over your nose and mouth.
• Remember to physically distance 6 feet or more between you and another individual or household.

Important Reminders
• Advanced online reservations are required and only available for City of Rockville residents.
• Customers who do not arrive within 10 minutes of their reservation may have their space forfeited.
• Exit the center promptly after your reservation.
• Repeat no-shows may lead to suspension of the ability to make reservations.
• Do not bring extra individuals with you to your reservation.
• Face covering over the nose and mouth is always required.
• Always physical distance between you and another individual/household.
• Food and beverage are prohibited in the center.
• Wash your hands frequently.
• Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility.
• Never exceed maximum occupancy limits in any room/space and/or restrooms.
• Review Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities.