Food and Beverage

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Taste of Rockville

The Taste of Rockville at Hometown Holidays is presented by and benefits the Rockville Chamber of Commerce and Community Reach of Montgomery County.  The Taste of Rockville is open from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy food, specialty beverages and desserts from some of Rockville's best restaurants. Each ticket is $1.25 and can be purchased at a Taste of Rockville ticket booth. Taste tickets cannot be used at beverage booths or for the kids amusements. Restaurants and menus are subject to change. 

Participating Restaurants and Menus

Bibibop serves you with wellbeing, and a happy healthy lifestyle. Blending traditional Korean flavors with American classics, build your own bowl with freshly prepped ingredients every day.

Chicken and Purple Rice: 4 Tickets
Steak and Purple Rice: 5 Tickets
Tofu and Purple Rice: 4 Tickets
Chicken and Supergreen: 4 Tickets
Steak  and Supergreen: 5 Tickets
Tofu and Supergreen: 4 Tickets

At the Big Greek Café, we believe that relationships, family and community are built around sharing delicious meals. Since 2009, we have put our belief into practice, crafting traditionally inspired Greek dishes made with the best ingredients and offered at reasonable prices. Our fun and casual atmosphere is the perfect place to share a meal with friends and family.

Mini Gyro Pita: 6 tickets                      
Spanakopita: 5 tickets                                           
Dolmada: 4 tickets 

Corned Beef Kings dishes are beautifully garnished, piled high, always fresh, and thoughtfully crafted. The food speaks for itself! Onsite Sunday only

Reuben: 6 tickets                         
MillyAnn: 6 tickets                      
Rachel: 6 tickets                           
Turkey Delight: 6 tickets             
Angry Turkey Rachel: 6 tickets      
Chips/potato salad/soda: 3 tickets

The Crêpe Shoppe makes amazing classic crepe’s, but what really sets them apart is the innovative health-conscious menu options and seasonal specialties. They do this by collaborating with local vendors for the best, freshest, seasonally available locally sourced ingredients. Onsite Saturday only.

Sweet Crepes: 6 tickets 
Savory Crepes: 6 tickets 
Fresh Lemonade: 6 tickets 
Bottled Gatorade: 5 tickets 
Bottled Water: 4 tickets

Kona Ice is a Mobile Shave Ice Truck offering many flavors that are gluten, nut, and dairy-free while also being 40% less sugar (we also offer some sugar free flavors). Grandma Kona is available for all types of events and fundraisers.

In the near future we will be opening Grandma's Ice Cream and Waffles on E Gude Drive where we will serve homemade soft serve ice cream with non dairy options.

12oz. Shaved Ice, various flavors: 3 tickets

El Mercat is a casual, approachable restaurant that serves seasonal, house-made dishes. The restaurant is known as a familiar, warm, and cozy place that draws in residents on a regular basis. 

Tortilla Espanola: 6 tickets
Albondigas: 6 tickets                                     
Churros con Chocolate: 6 tickets                    
Escalivada: 6 tickets

Kusshi is a local sushi restaurant located at Pike & Rose.

Tako Yaki (fried octopus balls): 6 tickets                  
Chicken Kaarage: 6 tickets        
Pork Gyoza (fried pork dumplings): 6 tickets             
Shrimp Shumai (fried shrimp dumplings):6 tickets
Japanese Snacks: 6 tickets            
Gyudon: 6 tickets

Insane Chocolate 


A variety of drinks including water, soda and beverages from Bud Light will be available at two locations throughout Hometown Holidays. There will not be mug sales or refills this year. Beverage booths accept cash, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Taste of Rockville tickets cannot be used to purchase beverages at these beverage booths.