2 Research Place

Case #STP2023-00454Level 2 Site Plan application for a proposal to construct a 200,000 seven-story life science building. 
Site Plan, Project Narrative, Revised Site Plan

Case Planner: Chris Davis, 240-314-8201,  cdavis@rockvillemd.gov  
Related Cases: PAM2022-00139

Application Received10/7/2022Received
Application Deemed Complete10/7/2022Accepted as Complete
Post-Application Area Meeting11/15/2022Meeting Held; View the meeting recording
Development Review Committee Meeting11/17/2022Meeting Held
Planning Commission ReviewTBDMeeting Pending

Case #PAM2022-00139Pre-application meeting submittal for a proposal to construct a 206,000 life science building. 
Site PlanProject Narrative

Case Planner: Contact Staff, 240-314-8200,  cpds@rockvillemd.gov  
Related Cases: None

Application Received6/30/2022Received
Application Deemed Complete6/30/2022Accepted as Complete
Pre-Application Area Meeting6/8/2022Meeting Complete
Development Review Committee Meeting7/28/2022Meeting Held

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