Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

A comprehensive rewrite of Rockville’s zoning ordinance is underway to modernize city code in a way that accommodates the changing living, working and recreation trends of the 21st century.

Zoning is the tool used by a community to implement land use plans and policies. It determines where and how the city is developed, what that development looks like and what benefits it imparts to the community.

This zoning ordinance rewrite follows the adoption of the Rockville 2040 Comprehensive Plan in 2021 and will implement the goals and policies of that plan and supporting documents, including the 2022 Climate Action Plan, pending Pedestrian Master Plan, the EV Readiness Plan and the Town Center Master Plan update that are currently underway. The project is led by a team of city staff supported by ZoneCo, a consultant team that focuses on zoning codes.

This project is not intended to revisit the Rockville 2040 plan or add more plans, policies or actions. This zoning ordinance rewrite project will consolidate and implement the adopted plans and policies in the form of land-use regulations.

In addition to implementing the plans and policies of the Comprehensive Plan, this zoning ordinance rewrite project will modernize the zoning ordinance for ease of use, update related manuals related to landscaping and environmental protection, and ensure compliance with current federal and state regulations.

Purpose of the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

  • Implement zoning-related recommendations in the Rockville 2040 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Accomplish goals from the FAST initiative as incorporated into Rockville 2040 — making the development review and permitting process Faster, Accountable, Smarter and Transparent.
  • Incorporate the city’s commitment to equity, resilience and sustainability, as described in the 2021 Mayor and Council social justice resolution and the 2022 Climate Action Plan.
  • Incorporate the best practices of planning and zoning, including housing variety and clear and objective standards.
  • Reorganize and modernize the zoning ordinance so it is easily understood and accessible.
  • Incorporate graphics to illustrate the intent of development and design standards.

Past and Upcoming Public Meetings or Events

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Still have questions? Contact:

Jim Wasilak
Chief of Zoning

Li Alligood
Deputy Zoning Manager
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.