Streets, Driveway & Right-of-Way

To improve our customer service, you can now apply online for:

Utility Permit
Public Works Permit - Public Improvements
Public Works Permit - Protection of Right-of-Way
Stormwater Management Permit
Sediment and Erosion Control Permit

If you have any questions, please contact James Lapping, Engineering Supervisor at 240-314-8507. 

For any work needing a permit for water or sewer main, storm drain, curb and gutter, street pavement, sidewalk and bike path, street trees, driveway aprons, utility house connections, street cut and repair, traffic signal, street lights and protection of right of way.

Driveway Aprons

Street Closing and Abandonment


Water and Sewer

City Notes

Additional Documents

Performance Bonds, Letters of Credit and Cash Bonds 

Letters of Credit and Cash Bonds