Support Services

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing the best resources and support to our senior community. Whether you need help finding reliable transportation, home repair, or food and health services, our staff is here to help.

Community Resources and Financial Assistance

We offer dedicated, personalized services to residents in need of resource referrals, emergency financial information, home and hospital visits, and financial aid to qualified candidates for recreational classes and membership. Call 240-314-8816 or 240-314-8817 for more information. A Spanish speaker is available if needed.


Our caring and supportive staff are here to help you with any counseling needs. Call 240-314-8816 or 240-314-8817 for more information. A Spanish speaker is available if needed.

Nutrition Program and Food Assistance

Reservation required

Our Senior Center offers hot and cold lunches every day at noon and bi-monthly Chinese lunch. Donations are welcomed and recommended. Call 240-314-8810 for more information.

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Reservation required

Our bus-shuttle service provides free transportation to all City of Rockville residents 60+ or older. Bus and taxi subsides are available to seniors living within Rockville city limits. Call 240-314-8810 for more information.

Health and Wellness

Our wellness experts can help you with immunizations, screenings, health education, wellness counseling, and much more. We provide individual as well as group support. Call 240-314-8803 for more information.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Our staff offer referrals and recommendations to home maintenance services, recommended contractors, snow removal and more. Call 240-314-8819 for more information.

Snow Shoveling

The Senior Center coordinates volunteers for seniors and individuals with disabilities in need of snow shoveling.

Sign up to be added to the volunteer list to shovel snow for a neighbor. Once snow hits, our volunteer coordinator will email or call you about seniors in need of shoveling in your area.

If you are a senior or an individual with disabilities requesting help from volunteers to shovel sidewalks and driveways, sign up for snow shoveling assistance or call 240-314-8819.


Villages — local, volunteer-led, grassroots organizations — foster social connections through activities and events, and coordinate volunteer help at home using a neighbor-helping-neighbor model.

Villages are started by residents. If you would like to start a village in your neighborhood, visit the Rockville Villages page or call 240-314-8807 for more information.

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