Affordable For-Sale Housing

To provide access to affordable homes in Rockville, the city requires for-sale properties to be available to Rockville residents at prices affordable than for-sale market-rate homes. Homebuilders are required to set aside a certain percentage of affordable for-sale homes and prospective homebuyers have specific requirements to meet in maintaining ownership and eligibility.

Current Affordable Homeowners:

If you're a current homeowner in the MPDU program looking to refinance or sell your home, you must complete a resale or refinance form.

Resale/Refinance Form

New MPDU Units at Tower Oaks

Still have questions? Contact:

Housing Programs
240-314-8312 MPDU Sale
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


In addition to the basic eligibility criteria of the MPDU program, the following must be satisfied to qualify for the purchase of a home through the MPDU program:

  • You must be a first-time home buyer.
  • The home must be the owner’s primary residence for the full length of the 30-year MPDU period and may not be rented to others.
  • The buyer cannot own another home while occupying the MPDU home.
  • The buyer must qualify for bank financing.
  • The buyer must commit to own the home for a period of 30 years. If the buyer decides to sell before that time, the sale must follow city’s guidelines for re-selling an MPDU.
  • All house hold members over 18 years old must submit their proof of income. 

Rockville MPDU Home Ownership Income Limits

Minimum Income Limit:  Must qualify for a minimum mortgage of $130,000.

Maximum Household Incomes*

Household Size

50% of AMI

 60% of AMI 

 70% of AMI80% of AMI












    $89,649 $102,456








* Dependent on unit pricing

MPDU Home Ownership Application Process

First-Time Home Buyers Class and Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter

  1. Attend a first-time home buyer class or information session and provide a copy of the completion certificate to the city. Certificate holders can attend Montgomery County's 3 hour First-Time Homebuyer Class conducted by Housing and Community Initiatives or attend a class through any HUD-approved counseling agency. 
  2. Provide a mortgage pre-approval letter from your bank lender to the city. Ask your lender to use the Sample Lender Letter.

Apply for Certificate of Eligibility

The application must be renewed every two years. You must download the MPDU Homeownership Application and fill out the application completely.

Submit MPDU Application For Sale Program 

MPDU Eligibility Waiting List

After completing the application process, you will be placed on a waiting list in order to purchase an MPDU. The waiting list is given to builders who are selling newly constructed homes and to current owners who are selling their MPDU homes. Sellers are instructed to contact people in the order in which they appear on the list based on household size. Larger household (households size of four or more) will be given first priority. if there are an insufficient number of households of eligible size, smaller households will be contacted until the MPDU units are sold.  

Declining an Offer to Purchase an MPDU
If a qualified person on the waiting list is not interested in the unit available, they can decline to purchase the unit. Their name remains on the list of eligible person, which is given to future builders or sellers of for-sale MPDUs. If an eligible person chooses not to purchase a unit, when offered, there is no guarantee that another unit will become available. A name is only removed from the list when the eligible person purchases a unit or requests that his or her name be removed.

Changes in Income while on the Waiting List
The household income of an eligible person must be within the MPDU income limits at the time a sales agreement contract is signed for the purchase of an MPDU unit. 

Selling an MPDU Home

An owner of an MPDU home must notify the Housing Programs Division in writing of their intent to sell and request a resale price determination by completing the Current Resale Value form. The owner must provide CPDS with an itemized list of all  improvements for which credit may be requested as part of the resale price. All improvements must be documented with receipts. The owner must permit the CPDS to inspect the MPDU as part of the resale price determination process.

Once a resale price is determined, the owner is notified and the MPDU will then be offered exclusively to Rockville Housing Enterprises (RHE), which is the designated housing agency for the city's MPDU Program. RHE has a 45-day period in which to decide whether or not they will purchase the MPDU. If RHE does not wish to purchase the unit, it will be offered to eligible person on the MPDU Eligibility waiting list for 60 days. A resale request grants permission for the city's Housing Division to inform those on the waiting list on the MPDU Eligibility waiting list of the availability to purchase the MPDU.

If the owner does not agree with the resale price determination, they have 14 calendar days to request reconsideration. Any such request must cite the basis for the request and include supporting documentation.