Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing

While City Hall is closed during COVID-19, our permits will be issued virtually

All documents must be compressed to a size under 25MB. For questions, contact 240-314-8240.  

Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing permits are also required for residential work. In some cases, homeowners may secure a permit and do the work themselves. Plumbers and Electricians performing work in the city must hold valid master license with this division and are required to have their work inspected. Heating and cooling contractors with a Mechanical permit may perform furnace and air conditioning work.

Work requiring a permit:

Electrical (excluding plugged appliances)

  • Heavy-up electrical service.
  • Adding new electrical fixtures and outlets.
  • Adding new electrical appliances.
  • Installing baseboard or other electric heating sources Installing exhaust fans and attic fans.


  • Adding, replacing or relocating plumbing fixtures.
  • Repairing or replacing water lines Repairing or replacing sewer lines.
  • Any changes in fixture piping Installation or replacement of water heaters.


  • Installing or replacing a furnace.
  • Installing or replacing an air conditioning unit.
  • Adding, replacing or relocating ducts, diffusers or grilles.
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Permits and Inspections
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Residential Stand Alone Permits 

You can apply and pay for the following stand-alone permits online. 

  1. Electrical (Stand-alone Residential only) - Heavy Up, Service and Cable, Lights and Fixture - Contractor Only.
  2. Mechanical (Stand-alone Residential only) - Heating and Air Conditioning - Contractor and Homeowner.
  3. Plumbing (Stand-alone Residential only) - Sewer Connection, Water Connection, Water Heater - Contractor Only.

Apply for Residential Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing Permit

Commercial Permits/Permits Requiring a Building Permit

To apply for a commercial electric, plumbing or mechanical permit, or for any residential permits not covered in the section above (those associated with a building permit for example), click one of the appropriate buttons

Commercial Electrical Commercial Mechanical Commercial Plumbing