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Supervisor First Report of Injury

  1. Form Instructions

    This form is required to be submitted to report all work-related injuries sustained to employees, volunteers or patrons. This form is also used to report injuries sustained to visitors on City property. This form is required to be completed by the end of the business day in which the incident occurs. Serious injuries must be reported immediately to the Safety & Risk Division by calling Jamie Kohler, Safety Specialist, at x8475 or Marcus Odorizzi, Safety & Risk Manager, at x8467. Serious injuries are considered any treatment requiring in-patient hospitalization, amputation, loss of an eye or fatality.

  2. Or Name of Injured Patron/Volunteer

  3. Enter the actual phone number where we can reach the injured employee and not a generic City number.

  4. Medical Treatment Rendered*

  5. Is the employee currently out of work for this injury?*

  6. Include name, address and phone number so we can accurately submit bills for payment.

  7. Was employee following all safe work practices at the time of injury? *

  8. Does the unsafe condition which caused the injury still exist?*

  9. Do you question the validity of the injury?*

  10. Did the injury occur during the employees' scope of employment? *

  11. Attach witness statements, accident investigation notes or any other pertinent information related to this claim.

  12. Attach witness statements, accident investigation notes or any other pertinent information related to this claim.

  13. Next Steps

    Upon completing the form, a representative from the City's Safety & Risk Management Division will call or email you to obtain additional information regarding your responses, if applicable. Please contact Jamie Kohler at or x8475 with questions regarding how to enter the injured employee's time into Kronos.

  14. Terms & Conditions*

    I hereby affirm the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge the City's Safety & Risk Manager, or designee, has the authority to verify the validity of the answers provided in this report.

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