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Report Landlord or Tenant Concern

  1. Note: Housing and Community Development (HCD) staff may make inquiries and request supporting documentation during investigation and mediation of a filed complaint. If the complainant does not respond to HCD inquiries within 60 days, the complaint will be dismissed.

  2. Below is a List of Frequently Asked Questions
  3. 1. My landlord has not repaired my dishwasher. Can I hold back rent until he fixes it?
    Answer: No.
  4. 2. The landlord says I damaged the carpet, but the stains were there when I moved in. What can I do?
    Answer: Provide proof through a pre-move-in checklist or pictures.
  5. 3. Do I have a grace period for late rent payments?
    Answer: Yes, ten days. However, legally the landlord can start eviction procedures as soon as it is late.
  6. 4. Can the landlord evict me just by telling me to move out and put my things on the street?
    Answer: No. The landlord must go to court first and get a judgment.
  7. 5. I was supposed to move in on the first of the month. The other tenants have not moved out. What are my rights?
    Answer: Refer to the section “Right to Take Possession” at the beginning of your lease.
  8. 6. Do I have to pay the last month's rent? I paid a security deposit.
    Answer: You are obligated to pay rent through the end of the lease, including the last month. If there are no damages, the landlord will refund your deposit with interest. For further information, please contact Community Enhancement and Code Enforcement at 240-314-8330.
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