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Witness Report in Traffic Enforcement (W.R.I.T.E.)


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  • Instructions

    1. The Rockville City Police Department has initiated a program in which a citizen can report a vehicle for minor violations of the traffic code by phone, or online by filling out and submitting the information using the W.R.I.T.E. form below.

      When a citizen calls or submits a form to the Rockville City Police Department with the information, including date, time, location of occurrence, vehicle description and briefly what offense took place, a letter is initiated to the owner of the vehicle describing the offense and urging compliance with the traffic code.

      A motor vehicle tag listing is obtained. The letter is then sent to the owner with an explanation that the vehicle had been witnessed on a particular date, location, and time committing a particular violation. The letter is written diplomatically in hopes that the owner will either correct his driving habits if he was the operator, or in the event of someone else operating the owner's vehicle, address the situation appropriately. This program has been successful in the sense of comments made by the recipients - particularly parents of young drivers or business owners with employee drivers.

      This program also gives the complainant an opportunity to have a complaint addressed without the burdensome application of the judicial process of warrant, District Court summons process and court appearances.Call 240-314-8910 for more information.
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