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Public Works

  1. Adopt A Stream Trash Tally Sheet
  2. Apply for Backdoor Recycling and Refuse Service
  3. General Complaint - Water
  4. Lost or Found Carts
  5. Report a Missed Collection

    To report a missed collection.

  6. Report Multiple Streetlight Outage or Problem
  7. Unsafe Traffic Report

    If you live in Rockville and have a request, problem or comment concerning traffic, transportation or street lights, please send your... More…

  1. Adopt-A-Stream Cleanup Scheduling Form
  2. General Complaint - Streets and Sidewalks
  3. Individual Weed Warrior Volunteer Hours Reporting Form
  4. Report a Leaf Collection Concern

    Please use the form below to report any specific concerns regarding vacuum leaf collection, keeping in mind that we have a full... More…

  5. Report a Streetlight Outage or Problem
  6. Request a Scheduled Collection