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Adopt-A-Stream Cleanup Scheduling Form

  1. Stream Cleanup Details

    Stream cleanup dates and supply requests must be submitted via this form no later than two weeks prior to the event date. This ensures that we can safely coordinate supply drop-off and trash pickup. If you need confirmation on your trash pick-up location, please email

  2. Recommended limit is 15 volunteers. This can be increased if the stream allows for more volunteers to social distance at least 6 feet. Events must not exceed 25 people per the Montgomery County social gathering limit.

  3. Clean Up Supply Request

    Supplies will be dropped off with no-contact to the address indicated below no later than 3 days prior to your cleanup date. Walk-in supply requests to City Hall cannot be accommodated. Volunteer Liability Waivers and Student Service Learning Hour forms will be provided in PDF form via email.

  4. Do you require supplies for your cleanup?*

  5. Available sizes are Youth (ages 8 and up), Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.

  6. Ex. leave at front door, on porch, front desk etc.

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