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Plog Rockville Pledge

  1. What is Plogging?
    Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up litter. It started in Sweden around 2016 to reduce plastic pollution and has recently spread all over the world as a healthy activity.
  2. How does Plog Rockville work?
  3. 1. Take the Plog Rockville Pledge to collect litter while walking, jogging or running in Rockville.
  4. 2. Receive your free plogging bag, or use your own!

    Rockville’s bags are limited and available on a first come, first served basis to City of Rockville residents only. Bags will be mailed to your address within 3 weeks. You do not have to use our bags; any bags you feel comfortable jogging with will work!

  5. Plog Rockville Pledge
  6. Add me to the Environment & Sustainability email newsletter that features more events and programs like this one.
  7. Ex. Twinbrook, Woodley Gardens, Lincoln Park, West End, East Rockville, Town Center, etc.
  8. Pledge*
  9. Get Your Free Plogging Bag *

    Available on a first come, first served basis to City of Rockville residents only.

  10. Don't forget to post your photos with us on social media! Use #plogrockville and tag @cityofrockville on Facebook or @rockville411 on Twitter.
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