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Calvin Park Rental Request


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  • Park Permit Request

    1. All park rental requests require at least 72 hours advanced notice. Park picnic area rentals are permitted between April 15 and November 14. The City of Rockville begins collecting permit requests on April 19th.

      You will be contacted within 48 business hours regarding your permit request. If available, you will receive a permit via e-mail to sign and return within 24 hours. If neither park is available, you will need to resubmit a new online park rental form for a different date or different park. Be sure to check your e-mail spam and trash boxes if you have not received a response or permit within the timeframe described.

      The picnic area is not reserved for you until you sign, date, return the permit and pay in full.

      Picnics require additional permits for certain activities. Be sure you know which permits you will need before completing the permitting process.

    2. Applicant Status*

      Residents must provide proof of residency during payment.