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Park Shelter Rental Request (Civic Center-Managed Parks)


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    1. Important Information 

      Be sure to read the Permit a Park Shelter Information Packet to learn the process, rules, and regulations associated with permitting a shelter in a City of Rockville park. 


      • Park shelter permit requests are accepted March 1 through October 24.
      • Park shelters are available for use April 1 through October 31.
      • At least 7 calendar days' notice is required to obtain a permit for a park shelter. 
      • Alcohol and non-alcohol permits are allowed. 
      • Permits for park shelters can be issued for use Monday through Sunday between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
      • You will be contacted by e-mail from within approximately 48 business hours regarding your requested permit. 
      • The permit must be completed, returned, and paid in-full within 24 hours from when the permit was sent to you. 
      • If the executed permit with payment in-full is not received within 24 hours, it is voided, and the rental date becomes available to others.
      • Certain park activities and use require additional permits. Be sure you know which permits you will need before completing the permitting process.