Charter Review Commission

The Charter Review Commission has been sunset until the Mayor and Council wish to establish another charter review.

The Charter Review Commission was formed by the Mayor and Council in April 2012 to review and evaluate the city’s charter, a legal document similar to a constitution that establishes the city’s corporate limits and outlines how the city is organized and conducts business, such as holding elections, levying taxes, adopting ordinances, and providing services.

The Mayor and Council voted unanimously in February 2020 to establish another Charter Review Commission to review the city’s charter.

View the commission's 2012 report and 2022 report. The reports outline findings, recommendations, and any proposals for amendments to the city's charter.

Charter Review Commission
Meets when necessary


NameTerm Expiration
Kevin Owen, Chair2022
John Becker2022
Harold Hodges2022
Jack Kelly2022
Anita Powell2022
Izola Shaw2022
Marissa Valeri2022
Robert Wright2022
Sally Kram2022