Charter Review Commission

The Mayor and Council voted unanimously Feb. 24 to establish a commission to review the city’s charter.

The charter is a legal document similar to a constitution. It establishes the city’s corporate limits and outlines how the city is organized and conducts business, such as holding elections, levying taxes, adopting ordinances, and providing services.

The commission will be comprised of up to 11 city residents. Each member of the Mayor and Council may choose one member. In addition, the mayor will nominate a commission chair, to be approved by the council. 

The Mayor and Council together will select and approve five additional members. The chair of the city’s Board of Supervisors of Elections will serve as a nonvoting ex officio representative to the commission.


The Charter Review Commission would like to hear from you.  If you have any comments or suggestions to Resolution No. 9-20, Establishing Scope and Work, please submit in writing to the City Clerk/Director of Council Operations Office at

Charter Review Commission Questionnaire

Rockville’s Charter Review Commission is asking city residents for ideas about how to increase voter turnout, update the city’s election process and engage more communities.

This questionnaire presents a unique opportunity to share thoughts with the commission and help create meaningful change for the next decade. Responses will inform the commission’s ongoing work. 

The deadline for responses is Friday, March 25.

Charter Review Commission
Meets when necessary


NameTerm Expiration
Fred Evans, ChairJune 2022
John BeckerJune 2022
Dave GottesmanJune 2022
Harold HodgesJune 2022
Jack KellyJune 2022
Kevin OwenJune 2022
Anita PowellJune 2022
Izola ShawJune 2022
Marissa ValeriJune 2022
Robert WrightJune 2022
Sally KramJune 2022