Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is an 11-member group of volunteers, appointed by the Mayor and Council, that is charged with minimizing the effects of conflict and promoting an appreciation of diversity within the city. To meet these goals, the HRC provides a variety of services and educational and cultural programs that promote global thinking, encourage civic awareness, and/or reflect the rich diversity found in the city. Some of these services and programs include voter registration and education, community outreach, the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, the Student Ambassador Program, the Multimedia Scholarship Competition, and community celebrations such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration and Rockville Pride. The HRC also advises the Mayor and Council on human rights issues that may affect residents.

To promote diversity and to improve human relations, it is important for the HRC to know and understand the issues that the city’s various communities face. To that end, the HRC engages in community outreach activities throughout the city and invites residents to attend its monthly meetings. To encourage community involvement, the HRC also invites residents to participate in its programs and to apply for commissioner positions as vacancies occur.

Human Rights Commission
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
Fourth Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.


NameTerm Expiration
Andrew LinMarch 1, 2024
Amina Shafi Rogers
April 1, 2024
Amy FriederNovember 1, 2025
Gabrielle Zwi, Co-ChairMarch 1, 2024
Florence E. JewellJuly 1, 2026
Rebecca Murphy, Vice-ChairOctober 1, 2025
Molly Cullen, Co-ChairJanuary 1, 2025
Sinan Wolf-GazoJanuary 1, 2025
Peyton HawkinsJuly 1, 2025
Rachel BlomquistOctober 21, 2025
VACANTApril 1, 2024

Apply for the Student Ambassador Program

Rockville’s Human Rights Commission is seeking 10 students to serve as HRC Student Ambassadors in its annual Student Ambassador Program. Ambassadors will serve as liaisons between the HRC and their high schools. The program will accept two students each from Richard Montgomery, Rockville and Thomas S. Wootton high schools, and four students who attend other Rockville high schools or who live in Rockville but attend high schools outside Rockville. Students must be 10th-, 11th-, or 12th-graders. Student Service Learning hours will be available.

HRC student ambassadors will serve an eight-month term, starting in October, and will:

  • Participate in HRC meetings and teleconferences.
  • Assist the HRC in planning and executing programs and initiatives, including promotion, volunteer recruitment, fundraising and other activities.
  • Provide suggestions and feedback on ways to improve HRC programs and initiatives.