City Academy

City Academy is no longer accepting applications to the 2021 session. We will reopen applications in Spring 2022. 

The City Academy offers a fresh perspective of the City of Rockville Government. The academy is designed to create an understanding of how the City of Rockville operates by putting the spotlight in specific areas and services.

This year’s Academy will be virtual with four sessions to inform and connect you with some of the people that help make of your city a special place.

The City Academy will take place on Tuesday and Thursday from May 18-27. Session will be from 7-8:30 P.M.

Students can earn up to 10 SSL hours by attending all the sessions. More information below.

 Topics will include: 

  • Understanding the City of Rockville’s government. 
  • Housing and community services in Rockville.
  • Rockville Development and permitting 
  • Rockville Development and permitting Community friendly police.


  • Must be 16 years old and older.
  • Must be able to attend most Sessions

Guidelines for Student participation and SSL Hours

  • Students attending all the session can earn up to 10  SSL hours, 6 SSL hours for attending the 4 sessions and 4 hours for writing a reflection of the academy that will include a service action plan to advocate for a change within the community or spread awareness about specific community-based services provided by the City of Rockville through the creation of a flyer or poster. 
  • In case that the student cannot participate in all the sessions they could request SSL hours for individual attendance which will be equivalent to 1.5 SSL hours per session. 
  • Students under 18 years old will need to have permission from their guardians and sing a waiver that will be provided immediately after registration. Students that do not provide this waiver will not receive the link to participate.   
  • Students must use personal/private accounts (not MCPS student accounts) to engage in the virtual platform.
  • The session will not be recorded so attendance and participation the day of the session is important to receive the SSL time.

If you’re interested in participating and have accessibility requirements, contact our ADA coordinator at 240-314-8108.

2021 Event Schedule

The City Academy is four sessions. The sessions last no more than two hours.  

 SessionDate Subject
Session 1May 18Understanding the City of Rockville Government: You will learn how the city operates, decisions are made, how to voice your opinion and get involved.
Session 2May 20Housing and community development: You will learn from those who are providing services to the vulnerable in our community how the city is helping individuals to maximize access to opportunities, helping families and children, affordable housing and how you can be part in transforming lives.
Session 3May 25Rockville Development and Permitting: You will learn about how the city is growing and changing, Airbnb’s, adding a new structure to your home, how to keep your community looking nice and more.
Session 4May 27Community Friendly Police: You will learn how the Rockville City Police Department is committed to keep your community safe by providing effective, fair, impartial and unbiased community policing that serves everyone in Rockville.