We now accept only electronic plans for submission and review.

    Submit new development applications (site plans, special exceptions, plats, project plans, forestry, variances) and associated plans and documents by email to

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    Submission requirements:

    • Completed applications, plans and supporting documents must be a PDF.
    • File names should reflect the file’s content (for example, “applications” or “forms”). 
    • PDFs should be unlocked and fully editable. All digital signatures must be approved/flattened prior to submission so as not to interfere with the plan review code compliance mark-ups on the plans.
    • All plan pages must be combined into one document. Do not send separate documents for plans, specifications and calculations.
    • Maximum file size is 25 MB.

    Review, markups, comments and approval stamps will be made electronically.

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If you know the application you need for your project, they are listed below with a short description. If you're not sure of the application you need, or would like to learn more before moving forward, visit the About Development Review page, contact the Planning Department directly at 240-314-8200 or speak to a planner on the second floor of Rockville City Hall, 111 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.

Download the current Planning Fee Schedule (PDF) for all development review applications. 

Pre-application Meeting Form

Pre-application Meeting (PAM) Form (PDF)

A pre-application meeting form must be completed before any project plan (PJT), site plan (STP) or special exception (SPX) applications may be filed. The PAM outlines a development proposal and initiates a meeting with the City's development review committee (DRC) and a planning project manager. At that meeting the City will provide additional guidance on the required applications and permits.

General Planning Applications

Annexation (ANX) (PDF)
An Annexation application is required for any property that seeks to be annexed into the City's corporate boundaries. See zoning ordinance section 25.02.04 for more on annexation application procedures and requirements.

Administrative Appeal (APP) (PDF)
An administrative appeal application may be submitted by any person aggrieved by a final decision of the chief of planning on a site plan application, a nonconforming alteration application, or on an interpretation of an approval of the planning commission or other approving authority. See zoning ordinance section 24.04.06(b) for more on administrative appeals.

Development Rights & Responsibilities Agreement (DRA)
A DR Agreement vests development rights for a defined period of time, allowing developers to proceed with long-term development projects. In exchange the city may seek enhanced public benefits from the project. The DRRA legislation is located within Chapter 7.5 of the City Code. 

Map Amendment (MAP) (PDF)
Any change to the official zoning map must be considered through a map amendment application. A map amendment may be considered as a local, sectional or comprehensive map amendment, depending on its size and scope. See zoning ordinance section 25.06.01 for more on map amendment applications.

Project Plan (PJT) (PDF)
All major development projects in the City that attain a certain number of points under the City's development review point system are required to proceed under a project plan application. See zoning ordinance section 25.07.01(b) and 25.07.08 for information on project plan applications and review and Section 25.07.02 for information on the City's development review point system.

Preliminary Subdivision Plan / Final Record Plat / Ownership Plat (PLT) (PDF)
Whenever property is proposed to be assembled, subdivided or redefined, a subdivision plan must be submitted to ensure the property is being disposed of legally and adequately. To find out more on subdivision plans, final record plats and ownership plats, see zoning ordinance article 21.

Street Closing and Abandonment (SCA) (PDF)
An application to permanently close and abandon any public way of the City shall be submitted with a street closing and abandonment application. For more on requesting a street closing or abandonment, see Chapter 21, Article 3, Division 2 of the Rockville City Code.

Site Plan (STP) (PDF)
Most new development projects in the City are required to proceed under a site plan application. See zoning ordinance section 25.07.01(a) and 25.07.04 through 25.07.07 for information on site plan applications and review and section 25.07.02 for information on the City's development review point system.

Special Exception (SPX) (PDF)
Certain types of land uses require special consideration before they may locate within the City. Where a land use is listed as requiring a special exception in the zoning ordinance, a special exception application must be approved prior to any site plan review. See zoning ordinance section 25.07.01(c) and 25.07.09 and Article 15 for information on the review of special exceptions.

Text Amendment (TXT) (PDF)
A text amendment is a process by which actual language in the zoning ordinance may be modified to clarify or modify the zoning ordinance regulations. For more on text amendment applications, see zoning ordinance section 25.06.02.

Variance / Administrative Adjustment / Nonconforming Alterations (VAR) (PDF)
A variance may be granted by the board of appeals to allow a deviation from the strict application of density, bulk or area requirements of the development standards set forth in the zoning ordinance. See zoning ordinance section 25.06.03 for more on variance applications

Modification to Variance Conditions of Approval (PDF)
An application for modification of variance conditions of approval allows consideration of one or more conditions established by a previous variance approval to be changed or eliminated. The process for consideration of a variance condition modification is similar to the approval of a variance, above, under section 25.06.03 of the zoning ordinance.

Time Extension (EXT) (PDF)
A time extension is required for any project approval that needs extra time to be completed. The extension provision is discussed within the zoning ordinance for each application type.

Temporary Use Permit (PDF)
Any temporary structure for a construction project or short-term activity in the city such as Christmas tree sales, carnivals and farmers markets require the review and approval of a temporary use permit. Refer to zoning ordinance articles 10 through 14 to determine what activities require a temporary use permit and section 25.09.04 for permit requirements.

Waiver Request (WAV) (PDF)
The Zoning Ordinance and the Landscape and Lighting Manual identify specific standards that may be waived by the Approving Authority. The process is intended to provide flexibility to address constraints unique to  a particular site or project. Additional information on requesting a waiver is explained in this application.

Other Permits Associated with Planning Applications

Forestry Permit (FTP) (PDF)

Historic Review Permit (HDC)
When any historic structure is proposed to be altered or removed, a Historic Review Permit is required to be reviewed by the Historic District Commission prior to the project proceeding.

Natural Resource Inventory / Forest Stand Delineation (NRI / FSD) (PDF)
An NRI/ FSD application must be approved prior to the submission of the following plans: Special Exceptions (SPX), Site Plans (STP), Site Plan Amendments (STP), Project Plans (PJT) or Project Plan Amendments (PJT).

Stormwater Permit (SMP)
A Stormwater permit is submitted for any development that involves five thousand (5,000) square feet or more of disturbed area. Please refer to Sec. 19-40 of the City Code and Charter for the full scope on Stormwater Management policies and requirements within the City of Rockville.

Inspection Services Permits also Reviewed by Planning

Building Permit (BLD)

Building permits are reviewed and approved by the inspection services division for all construction projects in City. All projects from high-rise office buildings and residential additions to to fences, sheds and decks must receive a building permit prior to the start of any construction or demolition.

Occupancy Permit (OCC)
An occupancy permit is required before any business or resident may occupy a new or altered structure.

Single Family Dwelling (SFD)
A single family dwelling permit is required for the construction of any new single family dwelling or townhouse.

Sign Permit (SGN)
Sign permits are required for any new temporary or permanent sign as well as modifications to existing signs within the City of Rockville.