The City of Rockville is dedicated to helping its community members. We’ve compiled a list of city and county resources for residents and businesses during this pandemic. For more information, visit the city’s COVID-19-Resources page.

Many Montgomery County residents, seeing their neighbors and members of the community in distress, are looking to help and volunteer during these difficult times. Learn ways you can help.

Volunteer opportunities are limited due to COVID-19. Please take a minute to explore some of the options available.

Want to do something meaningful in the City of Rockville? Whether you’re looking to adopt a stream, offer your professional skills, or lend your talents in other ways, you’ll find there are opportunities to get involved in causes that matter to you right in Rockville.

Volunteers provide quality services to the citizens of our community. Volunteering often leads to personal and professional growth and development, which may include:

  • Learning a new skill or trade.
  • Gaining valuable work experience.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Helping people/animals in need.
  • Networking and making professional contacts.

Virtual Volunteering and Service Learning Hours (SSL) for MCPS students. 

MCPS SSL guidelines have been modified to meet the service-learning needs of our students during this time period, and we are excited to announce that students can now earn SSL hours for some limited remote/virtual service completed from home under the supervision of an approved nonprofit organization. These virtual/remote SSL opportunities may be offered to our students until schools return to normal status. 

Please carefully review the temporarily amended MCPS SSL guidelines related to virtual volunteering that have been created to ensure that any virtual/remote service during this time maintains the safety and privacy of our students and adheres to the proper supervision and monitoring needed for SSL as a state graduation requirement. 

Questions? Email Donna Kleffman at ssl@mcpsmd.org.

Current Opportunities

Other Volunteer Opportunities