Fallsgrove Park

Fallsgrove Park is 30 acres with grills, benches, gazebo, playground, picnic tables and tennis courts.

For more information, contact Thomas Farm Community Center at thomasfarm@rockvillemd.gov or 240-314-8840.

Important Information About Park Pavilion Permits 

Be sure to read the Permit a Park Pavilion Information Packet to learn the process, rules, and regulations associated with permitting a pavilion in a City of Rockville park. 


  • Park pavilion permit requests are accepted March 1 through October 24.
  • Park pavilion are available for use April 1 through October 31.
  • At least 7 calendar days' notice is required to obtain a permit for a park pavilion. 
  • Permits for park pavilion can be issued for use Monday through Sunday between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
  • Alcohol permits and DJs are not allowed.
  • Food trucks are allowed for an additional fee.

Permit Fees

All park pavilion permits require a $100 security deposit in addition to the rental fee at the time of permitting.

$150 for 5 hours
$30 each additional hour.
$250 for 5 hours
$50 each additional hour.

Park Pavilion Permitting Process

Review Guidelines

Review the Permit a Park Pavilion Information Packet
(some parks are unavailable at certain times due to programming and construction) 

Permit Online

This park pavilion is available to reserve online. Visit www.rockvillemd.gov/registration to set-up a CivicRec account. Go to the CivicRec catalog page called Facility & Park Pavilion Rentals to complete the permitting process. 

Receive Your Permit

After you pay for your park pavilion permit online through CivicRec, you will receive your permit and payment receipt by e-mail. If you do not see this e-mail in your inbox, please check your spam and junk folders.