Isreal Park

    Park permits for the 2021 park season can be issued starting Fri., April 9, following COVID-19-related executive orders and regulations. Learn more about the permitting process here.

    The order prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people, in an effort to reduce public contact and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and applies to athletic, social, cultural and community gatherings.

Isreal Park is situated on 6 acres and features a baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, drinking fountains, gazebo, grills, shelter, picnic tables and restrooms.

If you’re interested in permitting the park, review the requirements and guidelines and contact Lincoln Park Community Center at 240-314-8780 or


  • 2 week advanced notice for permitting is required.
  • No alcohol permitted.
  • Food trucks and DJs are not allowed.
  • Events and activities are not allowed to sell items for profit.
  • Permit must be paid in full before the event.
  • $100 security deposit.

Permit Fees

All rentals require a $100 security deposit in addition to any rental fees payable at the time of permitting.

Non-Alcohol$150 for 5 hours
$30 each additional hour.
$250 for 5 hours
$50 each additional hour.