Street Repairs

Spot a pothole?
Potholes can cause significant damage to motorists. If you see a pothole, call the 24-hour emergency line at 240-314-8567.

Rockville streets are evaluated and maintained through the Asphalt Maintenance Program, which is funded annually through the city’s Capital Improvements Program. Streets are repaved to preserve road integrity and create a smoother drive for motorists.

Normal work hours for repaving are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. on secondary streets and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on major streets. Planned repaving is subject to change based on weather conditions. “No parking” signs will be posted within 48 hours of the start of work. Temporary traffic stoppages are necessary for safety, but should have minimal impact on traffic.

The State of Maryland is responsible for state-owned roads, including MD 28, MD 355, MD 586, and MD 911. Contact the Maryland Department of Transportation to report issues on state-owned roads.

Streets Planned for Repaving in FY 2024

Street NameFromTo
King Farm Blvd.Frederick RoadDead End
Big Tree CourtCliffe Hill WayEnd
Churchview PlacePasture Brooke WayEnd
Cliffe Hill CourtWillowleaf WayEnd
Cliffe Hill WayWillowleaf WayEnd
English Ivy CourtWillowleaf WayEnd
Pasture Brook CourtWillowleaf WayEnd
Pasture Brook WayWillowleaf WayWootton Parkway
Samplers WayPasture Brooke WayEnd
White Pine PlaceHenslowe DriveEnd
Willowleaf Wayxx
Fallswood CourtJeffersonRollins
Fallswood DriveWatts Branch ParkwayEnd
Watts Branch ParkwayHurley AvenueFallsmead Way
Barrington FareEton OverlookEton Overlook
Bentley CourtGerard StreetEnd
Devon CourtAintree DriveEnd
Eton OverlookHurley AvenueEnd
Eton Overlook Spurxx
Halifax CourtSherbrooke WayEnd
Hardwicke PlaceEndEnd
Hastings CircleSherbrooke WayEnd
Hurley Avenue #2Wootton ParkwayEton Overlook
Leyton CourtSherbrooke WayEnd
Lindley OverlookLindley TerraceEnd
Lindley TerraceWootton ParkwayWootton Parkway
Lochness CourtWatts Branch ParkwayEnd
Renwick CourtCurrier DriveEnd
Sherbrooke WayHurley AvenueHardwicke Place
Surry CourtDefoe StreetEnd
Moore DriveWestmore AvenueFrederick Avenue
Ashley AvenueWestmore AvenueN Stonestreet Avenue
Douglass AvenueLincoln AvenueFrederick Avenue
Elizabeth AvenueN Stonestreet AvenueWestmore Avenue
England TerraceN Stonestreet AvenueEnd
Horners Lane, NorthN Stonestreet AvenueWestmore Avenue
Johnson DriveFrederick AvenueEnd
Lenmore AvenueFrederick AvenueSpring Avenue
Lincoln AvenueN Horners LaneN Stonestreet Avenue
Spring AvenueN Stonestreet AvenueDouglass Avenue
N Stonestreet Avenuexx
Halesworth DriveHenslowe DriveEnd
Henslowe DriveWootton ParkwayEnd
Henslowe DriveWillowleaf WayWootton Parkway
Brookcrest CourtWatts Branch ParkwayEnd
Grovepoint CourtWatts Branch ParkwayEnd
Lawngate CourtWatts Branch ParkwayEnd
Woodsend CourtWoodsend PlaceEnd
Woodsend PlaceWatts Branch ParkwayEnd
Croydon AvenueMcArthur DrivePark
First Street Service Dr. #1First StreetBaltimore Road
First Street Service Dr. #2Maryland AvenueMt. Vernon
First Street Spurxx
N Horners LaneViers MillCrawford Drive
Joseph Street #2Auburn AvenueEnd
Mapleton RoadJoseph StreetS Stonestreet Avenue
McArthur DriveN Horners LaneCharles Street
N Stonestreet AvenueParkAshley