Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, RPAC meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

The Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee (RPAC) was authorized by Mayor and Council in May 2019 with the ultimate goal of improving pedestrian safety and increasing walkability throughout the city.

All RPAC meetings are open to the general public and include an open discussion to address new concerns or pedestrian issues.

Mission Statement

The Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee’s mission is to:

  • improve pedestrian safety
  • ensure pedestrian access
  • enhance the pedestrian experience
  • make recommendations to the Mayor and Council and other relevant agencies to enhance the pedestrian experience throughout the City of Rockville
Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee LIAISON
Bryan Barnett-Woods
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
Second Thursdays
7-8:30 p.m.


  1. Advocate for pedestrian safety in Rockville in pursuit of Vision Zero
  2. Enhance pedestrian accessibility and walkability within our natural, business and residential environments
  3. Promote access and connectivity among the city’s disparate neighborhoods and pedestrian centers to increase social connectivity
  4. Promote walking as a viable transportation option through provision of sidewalks, pathways, and trails that are safe, usable, well-constructed, maintained and interesting.

Pedestrian Master Plan

The Department of Public Works is currently engaged in developing a new Pedestrian Master Plan for the City of Rockville. Creating a pedestrian plan is one the Vision Zero action items and is recommended in Rockville 2040: Comprehensive Plan. 

A pedestrian master plan provides an overview of the pedestrian network and identifies policy and infrastructure improvements to address unique issues faced by people walking and rolling. You visit the Pedestrian Master Plan website to learn more about the project including status updated and contact information. 

October is Walktober in Rockville!

Along with the State of Maryland, Rockville celebrates October as Walktober! It's a chance for residents and visitors to go out and walk and roll in Rockville. To celebrate Walktober the Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee has put together a few activities to encourage everyone to walk and roll.

Rockville Pedestrian Bingo

RPAC has put together a pedestrian bingo card for Rockville. Download the bingo card, print it out, and take to the sidewalk! Take as many trips as possible to fill up the card and experience the Rockville pedestrian environment. And don't forget, bring your completed card to City Hall and get an "I walk Rockville" button.

Walk-n-Roll-n-Talk with the Mayor and Council

RPAC has invited the Mayor and Council for a short walk and roll to discuss pedestrian safety and highlight good facilities as well as areas that need additional attention. The walk and roll starts at 5:15 pm on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at City Hall. That walking route is from City Hall to Veteran's Park, then to St. Mary's School, then to Richard Montgomery Highschool and back to City Hall.