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The Climate Action Plan (CAP) provides a road map to equitably reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and prepare the community to adapt to a changing climate. Community stakeholders, staff and a technical consultant worked together to develop the plan which was adopted by City of Rockville Mayor and Council on Jan. 10, 2022. The CAP contains forty-two actions to guide City policies, programs, plans and investments over the next five to ten years to achieve three goals: carbon reduction, equity, and resiliency.

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Excerpts of the Climate Action Plan are also available.

NEW! Climate Action Plan 2022 Annual Report

See our progress in the plan's first year in the Climate Action Plan 2022 Annual Report. View the slide presentation.

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Outreach and discussions for the Climate Action Plan began in Fall 2020. Learn about our progress and the actions we have taken so far.

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Consider some ideas to reduce your carbon footprint and join with others in your community to do the same. Even small steps can make a difference!

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Goals of the Climate Action Plan

Chart of Rockville's carbon reduction goals for net zero by 2050

1. Reduce GHG

Reduce GHG emissions from the community and municipal government operations to at least 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 to be on track to reach net zero by or before 2050. Rockville’s GHG emissions are mainly derived from energy used by the transportation and buildings sectors. The CAP contains a list of feasible mitigation actions to reduce GHG emissions from the community and municipal operations.

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2. Prioritize Equity

Incorporate equity in implementation and conduct inclusive engagement to reduce environmental disparities and protect and empower vulnerable communities. The city is committed to a CAP that incorporates social equity and considers residents that are most vulnerable to climate change. We’re looking for community partners to help us engage with all members of our community in the implementation of the CAP. Help us by sharing with your neighbors!

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3. Build Resiliency

Improve the capacity of our community, homes, businesses, and natural environment to prevent, withstand, respond to, and recover from climate change impacts such as rising temperatures, more frequent and intense heat waves, drought, heavy rainfall and severe storms. These effects have implications on our infrastructure, our economy, and public health. The CAP will evaluate Rockville’s climate-related risks and vulnerabilities and work with community stakeholders to improve community adaptation and resiliency.

Overview of the Climate Action Plan

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Energy Efficiency

Increase energy conservation and reduce fossil fuel use in all buildings and infrastructure.

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Renewable Energy

Increase the generation, use, and access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy systems.

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Expand safe, efficient, affordable, and equitable multimodal transportation options that utilize clean and efficient energy sources.

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Land Management

Maximize the economic and social benefits of land by maintaining or enhancing ecological health to ensure resiliency.

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Waste and Materials

Waste and Materials

Manage solid waste by reducing, reusing, recycling, composting, and purchasing sustainably.

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Improve the capacity of our overall communities to handle more frequent and intense heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall, and severe storms.

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Public Engagement and Oversight

Public Engagement and Oversight

Conduct inclusive and equitable public engagement and establish systems tracking to encourage participation and support plan success.

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