Positive Aging Programs

Ongoing Programs

Programs are free and meet twice a month from 1-2:30 p.m. Must be 60+ or older. Please register online or call 240-314-8800, all senior programs are held virtually and will be given a link after registration.

Managing Stress 

By popular demand, this group will provide an opportunity for men to socialize and support each other, as many women do, in the Women Living Alone group. Join with other men and share the challenges and joys of living by yourself. Meets second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Positive Aging Alone 

For seniors who live alone, feel lonely or who anticipate being alone. An opportunity for socializing, helping others and learning tips for positive senior living. The joys and challenges of living/being alone are the main topics discussed, but other topics of interest may be requested.  Bring your ideas for discussion and get to know each other! Meets first and third Thursday of each month.

Brain Games

It’s back (again)! Our brains do change as we get older, but with regular brain exercise, we can actually improve our mental functioning, such as long-term memory, working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, and processing speed. Come join the fun and work your brain as you harmoniously compete with your peers in various games and puzzles. Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month. 

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