Commemorative Trees and Benches

Bench in Rockville park

What better way to celebrate that special person or life event than with a commemorative tree or bench?

Commemorate a special person or event with a tree or bench located within one of the city’s many beautiful parks under this program created by the City of Rockville Department of Recreation and Parks.


Trees are planted in spring and fall. Suggestions regarding tree species and location are considered, however, the city makes the final determination. A written record and map location of the tree is maintained by the city. Plaques and markers are not allowed as part of the commemorative tree program.

The cost of each tree is $500, which includes purchase and installation. Once planted, the donor receives a letter and map of the tree’s location. The tree will be maintained for its lifetime and will be replaced if it is damaged or dies within the first five years of planting.

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A bench can be purchased new or an existing bench can be “adopted.” Bench styles are determined based on location. A standard 8-by-2-inch bronze plaque is attached to the bench indicating the purpose of the dedication.

The cost of a new bench is $2,500. This includes purchase and installation, a foundation and the dedication plaque. Adopting an existing bench with a dedication plaque is $1,500. Once the bench is installed, donors receive a letter and a map of the location of the bench. A bench is maintained for up to 15 years, after which the city determines if a replacement is needed and will attempt to notify the donor for the cost of replacement. If the donor opts not to renew, the donated bench and/or plaque may be removed or rededicated.

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