Education Commission

The Mayor and Council in April 2022 unanimously approved the creation of an 11-member Education Commission to support City of Rockville students.

The commission is intended to maintain and grow collaborative relationships among the county’s board of education, Montgomery County Public Schools, private and nonprofit schools, Montgomery College, parent-teacher associations, private and nonprofit school boards, home-school communities, and providers of early child care and education programs in the Rockville community.

“[T]he Mayor and Council wishes to strengthen efforts to help proactively engage school communities and identify issues that impact the Rockville Community’s education and leadership opportunities,” the ordinance creating the commission states.

Members of the group, who will be appointed by the Mayor and Council, will be representative of Rockville’s demographic and educational diversity, as well as its neighborhoods.

Of the 11 members, seven will be parents or guardians, with four representing public education and three representing private, parochial and home schooling; and three will be educational professionals. Those 10 members will serve for two years. One will be a student member, who will serve for one year.

Education Commission
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850