Councilmember Kate Fulton

Kate Fulton was elected in November 2023 and is serving her first term as a Rockville councilmember.

Fulton has over 20 years of professional experience making government work efficiently and effectively for the people it serves. She began her career as a private-sector attorney enforcing civil rights and equal employment opportunity laws before transitioning to the federal government. Fulton has worked at four federal agencies in roles including senior counsel, chief of staff and chief operating officer.

She has drafted and implemented administrative and public-facing policies and programs. Fulton’s experience on senior decision-making bodies has given her deep experience in hearing from stakeholders, building consensus, managing large budgets and making sound, future-focused decisions. She currently serves as the chief operating officer at a federal financial regulator.

Fulton is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s in communications. She received her juris doctorate from Boston University School of Law. Since 2010, Fulton has lived in three Rockville neighborhoods with her husband and two school-aged children.

Councilmember Kate Fulton
Councilmember Fulton