Green Building

Rockville's Green Building Program

Green building (PDF) is an approach to the design, construction and operation of buildings that aims to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental impacts of buildings while promoting occupant health and productivity. Rockville's green building regulations (PDF) apply to new construction and renovations, of both commercial and residential buildings. Project applicants should start preparing their green building application as early in the design process as possible.

Requirements and verification methods differ by project type. For all project types, a green building checklist and supporting documentation will be required with each planning permit and building permit, unless otherwise stated.


Residential projects involve the construction or modification to single-family dwellings, including detached homes, townhouses and duplexes. Multi-family structures, such as apartment buildings, are considered commercial structures.


Commercial projects encompass those construction projects involving commercial structures, such as office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, banks and community centers. Multi-family residential structures, such as apartment buildings, are also considered commercial structures.