TERRIFIC Bicycle Award

Rockville has some outstanding school kids, and every TERRIFIC kid needs a bike. How do you prove you’re TERRIFIC? Show us you’re Trustworthy, Earnest, Respectful, Responsible, Involved, Fair, Industrious and Caring!

The TERRIFIC challenge gives free bikes to Rockville students in grades 1-5 who fulfill six out of 16 “good deeds,” such as perfect attendance in school for one month, volunteering with a charity, picking up litter in a public place, or helping someone who is sick or elderly.

To be eligible, students must attend a school within Rockville’s city limits and have a sponsor (i.e., parent, grandparent, teacher, coach or guardian) to monitor their progress. Successful participants receive a certificate for taking part and are invited to attend a Mayor and Council meeting to be recognized for their TERRIFIC work.

For questions or more information, call 240-314-8620. 

Important Dates

January 20, 2020- Registration opens for TERRIFIC Bike 2020. Open to 60 participants.
February 23, 2020- Registration closes.
February 28, 2020- Participants notified if selected for program.
March 1, 2020- Participants start month of good deeds.
April 4, 2020- Deadline to complete good deeds and mailed form postmarked by.
May 4, 2020- Mayor and Council recognition of awardees.
May 17, 2020- Awardees will receive bikes.

Do you have a bike you want to donate?
Contact Rockville Bike Hub: Email Rockville Bike Hub