Parking Permits

All residents living in permit restricted parking zones are eligible for parking permits. In addition to the permit, each household receives two visitor parking passes. Permits and passes are only permitted for your restricted parking zone.

The 3 year renewal rate for parking permits is $6 per car. The rates decrease or are prorated by year in the amount of $2, until the end of each respective cycle. 

For example:

First year - $6
Second year - $4
Third year - $2

 Still have questions? Contact: 

Parking enforcement
location.png     2 W. Montgomery Avenue
                Rockville, MD 20850
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For complaints, call 240-314-8900

Visitor Passes 

Each household on the permitted streets is authorized two visitor passes for free to use for the duration of the 3 year cycle.

Residents are not allowed to use visitor passes. Any person caught using a Visitor Pass unlawfully could be fined $100.

Request a Permit

To request parking permits, you will need to complete the application and return to the police department either in-person or by mail with payment. For more information please call the Parking Division at 240-314-8920

Parking Districts Expiration Dates

The City of Rockville has nine parking districts. Each district has a 3-year renewal cycle. 

A - East RockvilleJune 30, 2023
B - Rockville MetroJune 30, 2023
C - Twinbrook MetroJune 30, 2023
D - Twinbrook North
June 30, 2023
E - West EndJune 30, 2023
F - King FarmMarch 31, 2022
G - Montrose EastAug. 31, 2022
H - WoottonOct. 31, 2022
I - HungerfordAug. 31, 2023

Petition a New Permitted Parking District

Review Guidelines

The Department of Public Works will accept petitions to establish a new permitted parking districts. To be considered, more than 15 households must be affected by the parking. Review the complete guidelines before starting the petition.

Review Procedures

Due to the complexity of creating a new district, all new petitions must follow the permitted parking district petition procedures.

Gather Signatures for Petition

Download the permitted parking petition and gather the signatures needed to submit the petition with the Department of Public Works. Once submitted, the Traffic and Transportation Commission will review the petition and reach a decision.