Animal Matters Board

The Board consists of three members appointed by the Mayor and Council, one of whom shall be appointed chairperson by the Mayor, subject to the confirmation by the Council. In addition, there are two alternate members who are empowered to sit on the Board in the absence of any member or members of the Board. The Chairperson shall designate which alternate member shall sit on the Board if only one member of the Board is absent. In the absence of the alternate or both alternates, the Council may designate a temporary alternate.

Members serve for three years, or until a successor takes office. At least one member shall be a veterinarian or shall have training and/or experience in the proper training and care of animals. The Board mediates petitions; provides written recommendations to the Chief of Police and animal review official as requested; provides education and counseling on responsible ownership, maintenance and treatment of animals; and provides advice and recommendations to the Mayor and Council on matters related to the care, training, maintenance and regulation of animals within the City. (Chapter 3, Rockville City Code).

animal matters board
Major Eric Over
Meets when necessary


NameTerm Expiration
Karen Becker, ChairFebruary 1, 2019
Deborah LandauSeptember 1, 2021
Samantha ShyamOctober 1, 2019
Alison Putnam, AlternateFebruary 1, 2019
Megan Conway, AlternateOctober 1, 2019