Sign Review Board

This Sign Review Board is comprised of three members and one alternate, appointed for three-year terms. The Board reviews applications for sign modification permits and may grant modifications from sign regulations where applicable (Chapter 25, Rockville City Code).

Under Maryland Law, decisions on quasi-judicial matters must be based on information provided in the public record (written or oral testimony). Therefore no communication should be held outside of the public hearing. The city maintains a list of development applications subject to the limitations on ex parte communications.

Sign Review Board
Black-Eyed Susan Conference Room
111 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850
Meets as necessary


NameTerm Expiration
Paul GiaudroneJuly 1, 2022
Kim Nordheimer
October 1, 2019
Barry StaddJuly 1, 2022
Elena Romero, AlternateSeptember 1, 2020