Rockville Solar and Electric Vehicles

Solar Co-op

Join the Capital Area Solar Co-op to make installing a solar system on your home or small business easy. The Solar co-op includes two options: rooftop solar and electric vehicle chargers. Due to COVID-19, solar co-op registration, meetings and info sessions will all be conducted electronically. Registration is now open and runs through summer, until Aug. 31.

By working with a local nonprofit and community partners, the solar co-op helps residents better understand the process of going solar and leverages group buying power to get a discount off the installations.

Joining a co-op does not commit you to purchase the panels. You can register to attend a free information session. 2023 program and event dates are coming soon.

Learn about the process, check to see if your home is suitable for solar, and then have the option to purchase panels or an EV charger based on the group pricing. Each member signs an individual contract with the chosen installer, but all participants get the group discount. Act soon to take advantage of federal tax credits before they phase out. Additional rebates and credits are available for electric vehicles and chargers. The co-op can include leasing or other financing options.

Electric Vehicles

Will your next vehicle be an EV? Looking for more information? Join the Electric Vehicle Purchasing Co-op Pilot, a separate program hosted by Montgomery County. For more information on EV models and incentives, check out Maryland’s EV page.

New! Rockville is developing an Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan. Find out how you can participate at

Community Solar

Community, or shared, solar makes it possible for anyone with an electric bill to access solar energy, even if they can’t install panels at their home or apartment. Shared solar means photovoltaic (PV) systems can be somewhere else in the community (in a field, on a building, over a parking lot, and elsewhere) but provide the benefits of solar electricity to participating subscribers. Maryland Solar United Neighbors provides information on community solar opportunities in the Pepco service territory.

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