Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The scope and impact of social justice, racism and bias on city residents, and in the community, has been a leading priority for the Mayor and Council, becoming more so following nationwide protests of the 2020 police-involved killing of George Floyd, in Minneapolis.

“We support and defend the rights of all individuals – to live their lives in peace and safety – with dignity and respect. The City of Rockville is proud of our inclusiveness and we firmly believe that we are a better city — a stronger community — because of our differences.” - Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton

Measuring Diversity

The City of Rockville is now Maryland’s fourth most populous incorporated place – down from third a decade ago, according to results of the 2020 census released in August.

Two or More Races5.3%11.5%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander0%0.1%
Native American or Alaska Native0.2%0.6%
Black or African American10.9%10.9%

Rockville’s Hispanic/Latino population increased by 2,533 people in the decade since the last census, from 14.3% of the city’s population in 2010 to 16.9% in 2020.

In 2010, 8,781 people of Rockville’s population of 61,209 identified as Hispanic/Latino. In 2020, 11,334 people chose that category out of Rockville’s 67,117 inhabitants, according to the latest census data.

our Diverse Community

Municipal Equality Index

Rockville has achieved a perfect score in the Human Rights Campaign’s MEI scorecard since 2017. The MEI analyzes and rates more than 500 municipalities across the country, measuring them for the inclusivity of laws, policies and services for their LGBTQ+ communities.

Rockville’s Human Rights Program 

We work to ensure equal treatment, free of discrimination, for people who live, work or visit the city. The city’s Human Rights Commission is charged with minimizing the effects of conflict and promoting appreciation of diversity within Rockville. Residents or visitors who feel that they have experienced discrimination based on age, ancestry, creed, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, sexual orientation, gender or presence of children may file a complaint through the Human Rights Commission. Learn more by calling 240-314-8316.

Access To City Programs And Services Through The Americans With Disabilities Act 

Community members in need of a modification to assist them in attending a city program or accessing a city facility or service can fill out the online ADA Request for Modification Form.

The Asian Pacific American Task Force 

Our task force fosters communication between the Asian-American community and the city government. The task force also provides resources, educates the general public about the contributions of Asian-Americans and engages Asian-American (businesses and residents) in city-sponsored activities. Learn more by calling 240-314-8316.

Celebrating Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, Rockville hosts many ways for the community to join in and celebrate our different cultures. Special events include: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Lunar Near Year, International Night, Rockville Pride and Juneteenth.

Maintaining Diversity

Rockville’s support and advocacy for its tapestry of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation and culture will always be a central pillar of the city’s commitment to its community. This is a conversation that continues. 

Recent measures initiated by the Mayor and Council include:


Forming A New Community Policing Advisory Board 

The board is comprised of Rockville residents, which makes recommendations to the Rockville City Police Department and Mayor and Council.


Declaring Juneteenth

The adopted resolution designating Juneteenth as a municipal holiday states “that the City will mark this date with special events and celebrations to encourage Rockville staff and community to learn and share stories, recognize and commemorate the end of slavery in the United States, elevate and celebrate African American history and contributions, and take action to actively promote equity.”


Advocating For The Replacement Of The State Song

The Mayor and Council wrote to the Maryland General Assembly, calling the state song an “antithesis of our shared values of diversity, inclusion, equity, and unity.”


Surveying City Staff

A survey to better understand how racial equity and inclusion is approached within city government.


A Community-wide Survey 

With support from the Human Services Advisory and Human Rights committees, we  conducted a survey to assess the state of Social Justice, Racism, Bias and Wellness in Rockville .



In the city’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget, we funded a contract with Montgomery County to provide mental health services and support to the police department, and an assistant to the city manager for social justice, inclusion and diversity.


Hate Has No Place Resolution

The Mayor and Council passed a resolution to denounce hate against all groups, and advance inclusion and equity and justice for people of all races, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, economics and perceived economic status, or genetic information. 


Resolution Against Antisemitism

The Mayor and Council reaffirmed the city’s commitment to a resolution against antisemitism signed earlier in 2023 by then-Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton and endorsed by 14 Montgomery County municipalities.


Resolution Rejecting Anti-Palestinian, AntiIsraeli, Anti-Arab, Antisemitism, Anti-Jewish, and Anti-Muslim Hate in the City of Rockville

The Mayor and Council unanimously passed a resolution, “Rejecting Anti-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli, Anti-Arab, Antisemitism, Anti-Jewish, and Anti-Muslim Hate in the City of Rockville.”

Celebrating Diversity

Rockville celebrates its diversity by recognizing the rich cultures that make Rockville a great place to live. View all our videos that celebrate our diversity

Mayor and Council Discussions on Social Justice