Streams and Watersheds

Clean, healthy streams are important for protecting people, plants, insects and other animals that call these watersheds home. As in many urban areas, the health of our streams and waterways is threatened.This is due largely to the increased pollution from human activities and the increased amount of impervious surfaces.

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The City of Rockville contributes drainage to three watersheds: Cabin John Creek, Watts Branch and Rock Creek. All of Rockville's watersheds are part of the greater Potomac River Basin, which itself drains into the Chesapeake Bay.

Cabin John Watershed

Cabin John Watershed 

In 2011, the city contracted a watershed study designed to help prioritize projects and programmatic activities over the next ten years.

Management Plan 
Rock Creek Watershed

Rock Creek Watershed 

In 2013, the city completed a management plan to identifying additional stormwater management (swm) opportunities and stream restoration projects, Environmental Site Design opportunities and constraints for small-scale SWM features, and operational strategies that would complement the city’s ongoing watershed projects and operations.

Management Plan 
Watts Branch Watershed

Watts Branch Watershed 

In 2015, the city assessed the Watts Branch watershed to understand the stream quality and to identify future stream erosion and water quality concerns.

Management Study