Zoning Code Amendments

Zoning Ordinance text amendments are changes to sections of the Zoning Ordinance to address specific issues. The Zoning Ordinance is updated periodically to incorporate these changes in the official text. The following text amendments have been incorporated into the current version of the Zoning Ordinance:

TXT2021-00260(PDF)-Development Review Process Improvements (draft text amendment)

TXT2021-00259 (PDF)- Treatment of Self-Storage Facilities in the MXE Zone 

  • Filed March 31, 2021

TXT2021-00258(PDF)-Stonestreet Plan Amendment Implementation

TXT2020-00256(PDF)-Tree Planting Requirements

  • Filed January 13, 2020
  • Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF)

TXT2019-00255(PDF)-Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Filed April 9, 2019

TXT2019-00254(PDF)-Accessory Buildings

  • Filed April 9, 2019
  • Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF)
  • Mayor and Council Public Hearing held on July 15, 2019
  • Ordinance adopted on July 18, 2022

TXT2019-00253(PDF)-Revisions to the MXE Zone

  • Filed April 9, 2019
  • Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF)
  • Mayor and Council Public Hearing held on June 3, 2019
  • Ordinance adopted on July 8, 2019

TXT2019-00252(PDF)- APFO Revision and Water Sewer Revisions; APFS Revision

TXT2019-00251(PDF)-Small Cell Antennas

TXT2019-00250(PDF)- Comprehensive revision to the Sign regulations

  • Filed October 16, 2018
  • Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF)
  • Planning Commission Recommendation (PDF)
  • Mayor and Council Public Hearing held on May 13, 2019
  • Ordinance (PDF)-adopted on October 21, 2019

TXT2018-00249 (PDF) - To allow alcohol consumption in an Indoor Sports Facility

TXT2018-00248 (PDF) - Retail Tenant Floor Area Expansion

TXT2018-00247 (PDF) - Mixed Use Corridor Transition (MXCT) Zone, Rockville Pike

TXT2018-00246 (PDF) - Alcoholic Beverage Production

TXT2018-00245 (PDF) - Adequate Public Facilities

TXT2016-00244 (PDF) - To permit small cell antennas

  • Filed February 3, 2016
  • Planning Commission Staff Report
  • Planning Commission Recommendation
  • Mayor and Council Public Hearing held on September 18, 2017

TXT2016-00243 (PDF) -To make corrections, clarifications and modifications to the text

TXT2015-00242 (PDF) - To amend the implementation period of development approval to toll these periods during the pendency of appeals.

TXT2015-00241 (PDF) - To provide for a landscaped buffer between residential and industrial uses and also proposes an amendment to the Landscaping Screening and Lighting Manual (PDF).

TXT2015-00240 (PDF) - Allow the HDC to authorize the filing of an SMA for historic designation

TXT2015-00239 (PDF) - Make Self-Storage Warehouse a conditional use in the I-L, I-H, MXE and MXB Zones

Amendment to Article 4-To Allow Historic District Commission to have an alternate member

TXT2014-00238 (PDF) - Allow drive-through restaurants in the MXE Zone with a hotel

TXT2014-00237 (PDF) - Parking for self storage warehouse

TXT2014-00236 (PDF) - Technical revisions and clarifications.

TXT2013-00235 (PDF) - Require site plan review for all Town Center Performance District projects and revise notice procedures.

TXT2012-00234 (PDF) - Ordinance to allow greater flexibility in administering sign permits.

TXT2012-00233 (PDF) - Ordinance to delete allowance for expanded parking for nonconforming use.

TXT2012-00232 (PDF) - To amend provisions for signs in certain Planned Development zones.

TXT2012-00231 (PDF) - To clarify the definition of "family"

TXT2011-00230 (PDF) - General Code Revisions

Revisions to the definitions, site plan review process, land uses and other corrections and clarifications.

TXT2011-00229 (PDF) - Exemptions from Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance

  • Consideration to exempt properties subject to an annexation agreement from the APFO requirements
  • Filed January 18, 2011
  • Withdrawn by applicant November 7, 2011

TXT2010-00228 (PDF) - Expansion of parking area for a nonconforming funeral home. Consideration of the expansion of a parking lot in connection with a nonconforming funeral home in a Single Unit Residential Zone.

TXT2010-00227 (PDF) - Approved Development Project Implementation Extensions

TXT2010-00226 (PDF) - Revisions to the Public Use Space requirements in the mixed-use zones

TXT2010-00225 (PDF) - Revisions to Definition of Buildable Lot

Requires minimum street frontage in the single unit detached and mixed-use zones; allows fences taller than 48" in the PD zones. Filed March 16, 2010

TXT2010-00224 (PDF) - Revisions to Public Use Space Requirements

  • Adopted February 8, 2010 by Ordinance 2-10 - included in the current ordinance