Crime Statistics

In collaboration with others, the Police Department protects and promotes community safety, ensures the safe and orderly movement of traffic, and seeks solutions to any problem that creates fear or threatens the quality of life in this city.

The Rockville City Police Department philosophy toward service delivery and an overall sense of direction for the organization can best be summarized in the department's value statements.

Most organizations have a set of values by which they operate; however, few have taken the time to articulate those values. The Rockville City Police felt an obligation to the community it serves to state its values in written form. The Value Statements serve the purpose of informing both the community and the department of the foundation upon which a mechanism of providing efficient and effective police service must be based. The Rockville City Police Department values are as follows:

  • is committed to the preservation of liberty, equality and justice for all as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
  • believes that the prevention of crime is its primary responsibility, it diligently pursues those who commit serious offenses against its citizenry.
  • believes that integrity and professionalism are the foundation for trust in the community, therefore, we are committed to an open and honest relationship with the community which we serve.
  • is committed to providing quality service delivery through the effective management of its resources.
  • is committed to the suppression of illegal drug activity and aggressively pursues those who commit drug offenses.
  • recognizes the value of drug education for our youth as a major factor in combating the introduction to and abuse of controlled substances.
  • believes that community involvement is essential in the development and implementation of police programs which impact the community.
  • believes that a comprehensive human resources development program is vital to the delivery of effective and efficient service.
2019 Statistics
Rockville Population68,401
Sworn Officers65
Total Responded Calls for Services26,136
Two cops helping kids ride bikes

Rockville City Police Annual Report 2022

The Annual Report highlights some of the Department’s noteworthy accomplishments throughout the year and documents the progress in meeting the goals and objectives for the coming year.

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